The weekend of 5th/6th November was a rather
special one for both John and Alton Towers

Nemesis was closing for a season to undergo a major revamp.
The ride opened in 1994, and in the subsequent 28 years the trains

had traveled a staggering 1.5 million miles
and carried over 45 million passengers

It is still the most popular ride at the park,
and when it was suggested
that it might close and be replaced
by another ride the reaction
from the public was unanimous ....


22,000 people  packed the park on the closing day

Towers Times enthusiasts group assembled for a photograph to commemorate the event

Here is a video of the event:

As John was the very first person to ride it when it was first tested,
he had the honour of taking the last ride

About to leave the station for the very last ride for 18 months
(John, seen here with John Burton who is the creative lead for the new revamp,
flanked either side by two lucky winners of the ballot to accompany them on the last ride)

After the last ride, John posed for a  photo with the Nemesis operators
some of whom had been with the ride since it opened 28 years ago

It was a bitter-sweet occasion, but .....

Nemesis will re-open in 2024